Safety should never be overlooked


What is it?

Ensuring your employees are up to date with with their safety requirements can be a daunting task, but with SafeApp, we can make things a little (ok, a lot) easier.

SafeApp is a user-friendly, innovative program designed to track and manage employee safety progress. It helps you stay on top of your safety requirements, demonstrate due diligence, and communicate efficiently with your employees.

track & manage employee safety

  • Create unlimited users
  • Certificate tracking & user management
  • Stay organized & increase productivity
  • Track safety & training anytime, anywhere
  • Set auto reminder notifications alerting employees and/or managers of expiring certificates
  • Access employee safety information anytime, anywhere on a computer or a mobile device
  • Review information and run detailed reports on training, certificates, worker profiles, meetings and more
  • Send meeting requests & manage appointments
  • Generate reports & reminders
  • Track orientation & training status

How it works?

Safety App - Create employee profile

A profile is created for the employee

Safety App - Specific requirements

Specific requirements are set

Safety App - Notifications

Notifications will alert employees when certificates are about to expire

Safety App - access information anytime

Supervisors can access information anytime, anwhere and can generate important reports

Safety App - send meeting requests

Supervisors can send meeting requests & manage appointments

Safety App - Employees can upload

Employees can upload, maintain & track certificates, expirations & training.